Sapphires & Jewelry: A Timeless Love Affair

Sapphires & Jewelry: A Timeless Love Affair

The history of adorning jewelry designs with the scintillating beauty of sapphires dates back centuries and is filled with both intrigue and appeal. Traditionally the symbol of nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, this resplendent Queen of precious gemstones has decorated royalty, been thought to cure illnesses, and its extraordinary color has set the standard against which other blue gems—from topaz to tanzanite—are measured.

Known for its brilliant celestial tones and named after the Greek word “Sapphirus,” meaning blue, this September birthstone can actually be found in a beautiful array of different colors, as seen in our kaleidoscopic Aurora Tennis Bracelet. But it was because of the blue appearance of the sky and the stone’s famously blue tones, however, that many ancient Greeks believed the sky was a reflection of a giant blue sapphire upon which the world was placed.

Used as a protective measure, sapphires were even thought to contain the power of protection from envy and poisoning. In addition to their protective abilities, sapphires were used for their healing powers. Long heralded as containing special medicinal qualities, they were used to cure such ailments as rheumatism, mental illness, colic, and could even strengthen one’s eyesight, which is why they were often found among the medical tools of ancient healers.

Forever tied to the bliss of romance, the stone’s meaningfulness shone radiantly when Britain’s Prince Charles gave a blue sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana Spencer. Ever captivating the world, her elegant sapphire ring made fairy tales come to life for millions all over the world. And, according to legend, Helen of Troy, renowned for her incredible beauty, owned a large star sapphire as well, which was believed to hold the key to her desirability. 

Meanwhile, during the Middle Ages, clergy adorned themselves with blue sapphires to symbolize Heaven, and it was thought that the gem even had the power to attract heavenly blessings. People also instilled sapphires with the power to make peace between enemies, influence spirits, and reveal the highly coveted secrets of oracles.

Thankfully, at Joie De Viv, we don’t have any secrets to reveal, only a cornucopia of countless creative, transparently made designs, including our collection of sapphire infused treasures ranging from our Aurora Rainbow Tennis Bracelet to our Aurora Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Band, and the Aurora 1ct Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Band. Each design is unique, especially when you make it uniquely yours by pairing it beautifully with your everyday.

Best of all, we’re joie-fully continuing the sapphire trend while reorienting this very antiquated idea that everything luxurious needs to be expensive and accompanied by questionable prices. Instead, we’re making luxury not only attainable but more transparent, ethical, and better than ever before.

That’s because our sapphires are not only exquisitely beautiful but also ethically and responsibly sourced. Working closely with our sapphire suppliers, we strive for full traceability while avoiding dangerous mining conditions.

Our passion for responsible practices shines as bright as the exceptional stones we use, including the resplendent, always gorgeous sapphire.

Live joie-fully

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